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About The Wik-Wak Art Club

P. Kent Roykasketching at Lobster Cove, 
Monhegan Island, ME circa 1977

The Wik-Wak Art Club was born from visiting Monhegan Island for over 30 years.
My parents first visited the island while sailing on the Victory Chimes in the 1960s and returned whenever possible.   Today, I continue to bring my own children to the island and try to share with them this special place where it is normal to wake up early in the morning to create all day and talk all night about each other's creations and hopefully have a great sunset.

The Wik-Wak Art Club is a way to foster further discussions about our experiences on the island, share its history and hopefully continue to inspire artists and encourage collectors to support their work who throughout history mainly lived off the island.  In the style of the old Monhegan Art Schools, the less formal Wik-Wak Art Club provides a forum to discuss the art legacies, current work and future of art inspired by Monhegan Island, ME.

The Wik-Wak Art Club membership is free and open to all.  It is loosely run by
a group of artists who visit Monhegan to create. 
P. Kent Royka, Founder

 Launched 01/01/2009
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