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Welcome to the Wik-Wak Art Club

Fall, 2012:

Setting up workshops for 2013, planning on visiting the island,
want to join a workshop or coordinate with other
artists.  Let us know!

Want your work to be featured in our special 2013 & 2014
Monhegan Art Collector editions.  Let us know!

Whether you are here to just browse around or you are passionate about Monhegan Island, ME,
The Wik-Wak Art Club welcomes you.

The mission of The Wik-Wak Art Club is to promote the creation and appreciation of Monhegan Island art.   The club promotes current and previous artists works, provides direct links to artists websites,  and in the future plans to publish an online newsletter (Monhegan Art Collector) full of information about art & artists of Monhegan Island, Maine along with interesting articles about island history. 

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The First Catalog From
 The Wik-Wak Art Club

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Alex Minewski's Sea Creatures by Paul Royka catalogs the fish portraits executed on Monhegan Island, ME during the early 1960s.  Minewski was a student of Hans Hoffman and dedicated his life to art & teaching.

Any stories, old photographs, pictures of paintings, arts & crafts items, etc. that would be of interest to our members of the Wik-Wak Art Club.

We especially appreciate any digital copies of old photos of Monhegan and it's people that we can reproduce and share on the site.

Also please make recommendations for our past Monhegan Island artist list
if you find a work by an artist that is not listed.


In Memoriam

A life was lost trying to capture the beauty of the sea on Monhegan Island, ME recently.
It is with sad hearts we share the grief of this family who came from Ireland
to share in a special day.
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Ed Johnson
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Fred Wiley
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Yolanda Fusco
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